Under the Gun Review: He Has Friends

Stand-Up Tuesdays is a weekly comedy spotlight written by the wonderfully talented Angie Frissore. Covering both known and unknown comics, Stand-up Tuesdays is your new source for all things funny.


I’m particularly excited to bring you this week’s Stand-Up Tuesdays, as this week, we take a look at the latest release from New York-based comedian Jon Fisch – an incredibly talented comedian I’ve had my eye on for the past five years. The Boston native has just released his second comedy album, entitled He Has Friends, which is a delightful romp through the life of a single, 40-year-old uncle as he navigates adulthood.

One of the first details that always hits me when listening to Fisch perform is just how easy it is to listen to him – his vocal tone is smooth and comforting, and he speaks quite articulately, with the perfect amount of variety in his inflection. If a comedian’s voice was a genre of music, Fisch’s is smooth jazz.

While Fisch’s material is largely derived from his own life, it’s his delivery that lends credibility to his stories. He speaks like someone who has whole-heartedly experienced each scenario he presents, rather than simply relaying the story to you: you are along for Fisch’s ride (even if that ride includes intimate manscaping). Fisch masterfully draws his audience in as he describes the horror of finding his bed has been urinated on – almost to the point where you’ll look twice before going to bed tonight.